Goal Setting 101

Think about your day...
How many of your actions were directly related to outcomes you are planning for?
Do you find that life is a result of what happens to you more than it being a strategically planned for experience?
Is your live more reactive than proactive?
It is so easy to get caught up in reacting. We often lose sight of the fact that we can control and influence much more of our life than it seems.
Don't wait to be rich, start now... live your life the way a rich person would live their life in your shoes. What choices would a rich person make in your current position? What we he do with his time? Where would he ask for help? How would he spend the money he has?
If you start living your current life in the way a rich man would behave, you will soon actually be a rich man.
Don't try to lose weight, to follow a diet, to exercise regularly and add these things to your already full life, it's hard. Then if you fail you will feel the weight of your failure.
Instead, shift your bigger goal... Set out to live a healthy life. How does someone behave who lives a healthy life? What choices do they make?
What habits do they create? If you start to live your life today the way this person is living theirs very soon you will be a healthy person.
A healthy person doesn't deprive themselves of treats, but they do understand their place and don't put as much value on them as an unhealthy person.
A healthy person doesn't beat themselves up when they fall behind and don't prioritize exercise for a week. They simply pick up and do it again the first chance they get.
A healthy person isn't concerned with numbers on a scale. They know they are doing what is best for their body and they trust that it is more important than the number itself.
Whatever your objective... Look at it from a third person perspective. Imagine the outcome of someone else who is great and has achieved that goal you most want.
What do they do? How do they live? What choices do they make?
Start living this way today, right where you are, and you'll be where they are as fast as you can.
Thinking about goals and life in this way also subtracts much of the reactive drama, self-sabotage and judgement.
Build your tomorrows with intent.
Happy Building!

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