Two Words To Change Your Life

Did you know that the first step to any real change is acceptance?
In order to smartly change course, in order to decide the best way to get to where you want to be, you must accept and understand where you are currently at.
So your life feels like crap. It is... What now?
So you are in a horrible mood, hard to even get out of bed. Yes it is hard... What next?
So you have no idea how tomorrow will possibly be okay, today is too bad to deal with. Today is the worst... What now?
Too many people look only at their current circumstances and get stuck right there.
They spend all of their time fighting the truth of what is. "This can't be my life." or "I wish I could get out of bed." or "When will today ever be a good day?"
This is the wrong way to think in these moments. There is a real and valid reason for you to feel these things, so feel them. Now.
Today is the worst, what will I do now to ensure tomorrow is better?
Today I can't manage to get out of bed. This is what my life has led me to and this is where I belong today. What will I do to make sure I have fewer and fewer of days like today?
You must accept the truth and validity of where you are, completely free of self-judgement because it is simply the truth. Whether or not you like where you are is irrelevant, therefore judgement does not add anything.
Then, the real secret weapon, it is important not to stop at accepting.
You must ask, "What now?"
"What now?" will move you forward faster than you've ever gone before.
"What now?" takes into account all that has brought you to where you are. All of your past choices and their consequences are in clear view. You have a unemotional look at what is. Then it says... "What am I going to do with all of this to make it better for me?"
The mindset is sorted with this one question.
This is where I am at. It is not where I want to be. So what do I do now to ensure I am better off next time?
There is no way this question can let you down. It always looks out for you when you answer it honestly with yourself in mind.
So boldly accept the truth of where you are now. You have earned the right and privilege to be you in this moment, feeling everything you need to be feeling. And "What Now?"
Plan, using all of the information you have, to make more informed choices to create better for yourself. Look back at what led you here. Learn from that and choose to go differently next time so you do not end up right back here again. You have got this!
Our tomorrows are created by what we choose today.
What will you choose?
How intentional are the choices you make?
Are you using every small choice to propel your life forward? Or are you choosing to fight the reality of what is with your energy and choices instead?
The wind has come, you cannot change its direction, so what is in your power to change... change those things!
Be intentional in building the life you want, start choosing to live it today in all the small ways.
Happy building,
Renee Lowry
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