The Terrible Side Of Perfection

Okay, okay...
So maybe this isn't the attitude you want from your surgeon or your lawyer. However, there is a very important logic in this for YOU!
Perfect is a moving target. There is almost always a MORE perfect version that you could shoot for.
The great thing about DONE vs. perfect though is a couple of things:
- Most times, perfect is not needed but simply preferred. It's great to prefer perfection but you must be careful of your true goals and priorities or the quest for perfection will engulf you and nothing will ever be good enough for you to move on.
- We move on only when we're done. Whether we allow done to work alone or we wait for it to be perfect before we call it done, we don't move past where we are until we are done.
If progress is your goal, done is nearly always better than perfect!
Start asking yourself when "good enough" might just be good enough.
Hope this post inspires you to move past areas you are stuck searching for perfection and takes you to great new heights!
Your Confidence Coach and Relationship Expert,
Renee Lowry
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