Why Failure Is Something To Strive For

Do you love failure as much as you should?
Failure is how we learn and how we see clearly where to make changes to better benefit us.
Is this how you use failure? Do you fail forward?
Why do you suppose failure got such a stigma for being a bad thing that we want to avoid?
How realistic is avoiding failure?
What do we gain by avoiding failure? Keeping our life as is? Growth is far slower if you are actively avoiding failure.
Seek out failure and learn to cherish it for all of its valuable lessons. Love it because it creates the fastest path to educated growth.
Fail forward as often as you can...
Stop avoiding failure and punishing yourself needlessly for such a normal, essential part of life.
Embrace it. Love it more than you love success and watch yourself grow past any limits you ever imagined.
Build that life you desire most to live and stop merely existing in the one that is happening to you.
Happy Building,
Renee Lowry
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