Give Dad A Break!

Father's don't always have it easy.

We tend to judge our fathers on an impossible standard of ideals.

The ideal father is:

-strong, is rarely vulnerable
-has his act together
-has endless time for his family
-is a good provider, works hard
-knows exactly what to say to fix things
-owns up to his...

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Growing Your Money Mindset

Growth is a process. The first step is to admit and ACCEPT where you are at the start.

In what area are you a toddler desperately seeking control and balance?

That is a GREAT place to be. Proudly be a growing toddler and love all the struggles that are working to help you #GrowUpAlready!

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Join The Movement - Grow Up Already!

Let's get all the great minds of our time in one place!

Join us in this movement to Grow Up Already!

This group is for Personal Growth Enthusiasts. Share with those unrelenting Growth Enthusiasts in your circle and we will continue to fast track our focus on growth.

We go farther when we go...

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The Truth About Mean Words

feelings harsh mean opinion sad Jun 17, 2020

Would you say you allow others to impact your feelings?

I think most of us do this from time to time.

However, it doesn't have to be that way.

Your feelings are in fact your own, this means you are in charge of them alone. No one can make you feel any particular way unless you allow them to.


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How To Set Goals That You Can Easily Win

How much of your life do you spend beating yourself up for not being good enough in every area of your life?

For me, it was WAY too many years.

Eventually I learned that we are not supposed to be perfect in every area and that simply by expecting myself to better than I am was setting me up for...

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