How To Make 2021 The Best One Yet!


New Year, New Mindset!


What is the one thing that you want most for yourself in 2021? 


Better question?... What was standing in your way from getting that one thing in 2020?


Raise your hand if you can answer YES to any of the following statements:


  • I am...
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I can't

I can't... just the sound of it feels defeating. Is it all bad though? Do you ever use 'I Can't' as a catalyst for growth?
I can't is one of my favorite tools. Why? Because it is a shortcut, the fastest path to change and growth.
Usually, we hear things like, "If you think you...
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Adulting is Hard!

When do we feel "grown up"? Are you grown up?
Not only regarding our age and our wisdom, but #GrowUpAlready! is about growing up our thought processes and our choices. Grow up as an emotionally intelligent person.
We all have areas of our lives we feel like we are experts,...
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What is the #1 Destroyer of Peace?

What do you fear?

Fear shakes our world and compromises our peace.

A very common fear is the fear of the unknown.

This fear will destroy your peace faster than any other fear.

A few years ago, I had a house fire. We lost nearly everything. Fortunately, myself and my two tiny daughters made it out...

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Are you adding to your pressures?

How come it is so much easier to know what we should do than it is to actually do it sometimes?
It blows my mind how challenging this can be.
The craziest part is that it is rarely the same areas that we struggle to live up to our own expectations.
What comes easily to you...
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I Am A Failure

You failed... What do those two words do to you?

Do they break you? Do they cause you to get angry? Sad?

What if I told you they were two of my favorite words?

Would you have to write me off as crazy? Would you want to learn why?

As a society, we have a double standard when it comes to failure.

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