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The VIP Membership - Relating, With a Chance of Success!

 The VIP!

Earn a License to Communicate… It Can Make All the Difference

Ever felt inadequately prepared to be around people? Ever been terrified of being alone with your thoughts? If so, this is the education you never knew you always needed! 


You will get:

  • 52 weeks (1 full year) of lessons to improve all manner of your relating.
    • 13 weeks - It Starts With YOU. Self Aware, Self Assured, Self OBSESSED! How to feel confident in yourself and your every reaction.
    • 13 weeks - Public Displays of Insanity.  Look out, your social anxiety is showing! How to powerfully interact with everyone and use emotions to your advantage.
    • 13 weeks - Genetically Misinformed... The Family Conundrum. How to love your family or at least how to thrive in the midst of their toxic dynamics.
    • 13 weeks - You have the right to remain skillful. Every miscommunication you have can and will be used against you. How to avoid repeat offenses and future breakdowns in communication by adding these skills to your mind vault.


  • A step-by-step process to help you learn proven confidence building techniques and relating skills, with easy to follow actions for you to implement each week.


  • 156 page book in downloadable PDFs for easy reference of the lessons.


Plus, with the VIP program you will get these BONUSES:

  • A weekly group live Q & A Zoom Call with Renee Lowry to ask questions that are specific and important to you about using these skills in your life.


  • An Official License to Communicate that you can keep in your wallet and show your achievements in your enhanced relating skills. Use it to get that promotion, or new job! Use this license to add that extra oomph to your resume’ and tout your skills in relating and managing emotions. Or simply use it for bragging rights with your family and friends.


Learn how to Communicate Confidently. Learn to manage and navigate your thoughts, feelings and reactions. Learn to relate with others skillfully. Learn to heal from past traumas and toxic relationships while building a better life for yourself with your new confidence and skill.


Why wait another day?


The Relating, With a Chance of Success Series is licensed for personal and individual use only. Electronic reproduction for redistribution and transmission is prohibited. If you would like to share it with others, please contact us about group licensing or purchasing the print version in bulk. The Relating, With a Chance of Success Series is not allowed for commercial use without express permission of Renee Lowry, Inc.



We Are Here to Help You


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What People Are Saying:

I was introduced to Renee’s work by opting in for one of her online programs which created such immense forward momentum for me that I instantly booked a few one-on-one sessions with her. At the time, I particularly desired to work on and resolve what I recognized to be ‘relationship issues’ in my life. Renee’s ability to be so empathetic while also showing me the mirror, and to be able to so accurately analyse my problem, blew me away! This was an issue that I had struggled with and sought facilitation for from different coaches and facilitators multiple times already, but none of them were able to hit the nail on its head like Renee was. It made my work so much simpler. I mean I still had to (and continue to) put in the work from my end, but doing so becomes so much easier when you know exactly what aspect it is that keeps you in that vicious cycle or toxic pattern and therefore needs to be worked on. Renee is truly gifted with the ability to see through to the root of the problem, and I’m so glad to have made the choice to seek her help. Thank you Renee!

Shaira Chauhdry