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The BLUEprint Method™ helps you to Build Life Using Emotions. Get the life you always wanted and learn the true purpose of your emotions and all that they are trying to show you. 

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Overcome the limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors which are preventing you from achieving professional success


Strengthen Your Mind

Develop a mental and emotional resilience that protects you from being so affected by other's moods and actions. 

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Take off the mask, finally your face can reflect your inner voice. Control your own thoughts and learn to manage them in a healthy way and end the confusion and inner turmoil for good.

What is The BLUEprint Method™?


The BLUEprint MethodTM (Building Life Using Emotions) is essentially giving you the ability to take every negative thing in your life and change the way you look at it or use it so that it works to your advantage instead by incorporating it into a blueprint for your life. 


It is a process that follows 6 simple steps to create the outcomes you want to build into your life. These steps help you deeply understand who you are, how you feel and who you most want to become. 


The science of this method partners your emotions with your rational thinking brain. Life is best lived and understood when these two work in harmony together as they were created to do. Emotions provide needed information that then you must tell your brain how to use. This is the essence of The BLUEprint Method™.


When you look at emotions using this method they have very specific purposes and uses that benefit your life. Some of the most powerful, game changing, life-building emotions are the uncomfortable emotions. Those mistakingly called negative emotions such as fear, failure, pain, and anger are among these life-building emotions. Every emotions is good when you use it for it’s intended intended purpose… to build your life. 


The 6 steps of The BLUEprint Method™ walk you step by step how to use these tools properly. In the book, Understanding Your Emotional Tools, we outline the purpose and use of each emotion. You can download your free copy here… 


Understanding the purposes of your emotions is just the beginning. The BLUEprint Method™ will help you to also learn how to use each emotion to build using your rational thinking and create the life you always wanted. 

            • Freedom to be yourself unapologetically
            • Set healthy boundaries for yourself
            • Know how to relate with others
            • Stop overthinking, negative thoughts and second guessing
            • Be an aware and active participant in your own life.
            • Put YOU in the driver’s seat of your life.
            • Build the life of your dreams, FREE to be authentically YOU!

The BLUEprint Method

Building Life Using Emotions 

Step 1 

Install Your Warning Signs 

In this step, you will learn to look for warning signs, or red flags in your life and use them to shape your future and avoid the repeat struggles that you face. 

Step 2 

Determine Your Building Codes 

In this step you will learn the purpose that that emotions serve in your life. Emotions show you the guidelines and limits that are important to you, and you alone. Understanding these codes will enable you to live your best life, without compromise. 

Step 3 

Assess and Appraise 

In this step, you will use all of the information that your emotions have helped you gather. You will begin to determine the value this information has to you and establish whether or not certain pieces deserve a place in your future. 

Step 4 

Designing Your BLUEprintTM 

This step is where you will take all of the information you deemed necessary to your future and design how you will use it to build the life you have always dreamed of living. Here, you will learn how to write your own personal Life BLUEprintTM. 


Step 5 

Anticipate the Contingency Plan 

Here, you will learn to embrace the journey that is your life. All the ups and downs that work together to shape who you have been and create who you will become. You will look forward to life’s unknowns for the unlimited potential that they bring. 

Step 6 

Appreciate Your Construction 

Your life is the most significant construction project that you will ever face. Respect its magnitude and its complexity. Understand you will always be a work in progress and appreciate the important work that it is! 

Understanding Your Emotional Tools


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The Power Of The BLUEprint Method™


The BLUEprint Method™ has the power to literally build and transform your life in new, forward moving directions, with powerful strides. Shifting your life and perspective as each technique is learned and applied. 

Proven Strategies

TBM is time tested to produce the results you want

Get Results Quickly

Some changes can be experienced instantly

Break Negative Habits

Let go of negative habits that may have plagued you for years

Success Strategies

Understand and learn success strategies that many so-called “experts” don’t even know about

Healthy Connection

Create deeper connections and positive interactions with friends, family members, coworkers and clients

Take Control of Your Mind

Build up your mind. Eliminate fears and phobias that might be holding you back from success

Who Is Renee Lowry


Renee Lowry has created The BLUEprint Method™ to help you to understand how to leverage your emotions and your thoughts to ensure you are staying securely in the driver’s seat of your life. This is a method 30 years in the making. Renee, international best selling author and speaker, has dedicated her life to making this knowledge available and practiced to empower you to have the healthiest possible relationship with yourself.

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