Who is Renee Lowry?

Over the past 20 years Renee has built a foolproof way for helping people to process and understand their emotions. The process is a six step tool called The BLUEprint Method™.  These six steps help you to build your authentic life using your emotions. In every area of your life, Renee uses the secrets your own emotions are telling you to ensure you are living your most content and authentic life. She has helped many people using this tool. People built lives with greater confidence, built more happiness into life, built healthier relationships… and much more.


What do you want to build into your life?

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Early Life

Renee Lowry spent her early years with a passion for making the most of every situation. She would say, “If this is something that I cannot change, what can I change to make it benefit me anyhow?” In many ways, this was the beginning of The BLUEprint Method™.

Later, the challenges she faced raising her two daughters continued the lessons and The BLUEprint Method™ was truly born.  Additionally, she has been married to her high school sweetheart for the past 20 years and has endured many growing pains in that relationship.  Today that relationship is her biggest source of pride, years of hard work paying off!  Because of these challenges she learned to understand deeply and separate emotions from the reactions they cause. Eventually a clear process was observed and established.

She began writing, coaching and teaching the value of using emotions to build the life you most desire… your most authentic self.


Renee credits the beginning of her emotion focused career to the education she received being the oldest of four children growing up. Navigating the emotions of her siblings to get her desired outcome was her first introduction to what would become a fulfilling career.

After several years in the industry, Renee had developed a bra fit education system that helped women to better understand what size they should wear and how, scientifically, they were designed to fit. Around 85% of women do not wear the right size and helping women understand these issues became her mission as she and her partner, Renata Thierer, began the company Braology, The Science Of The Perfect Fit! A large part of their mission involved empowering women and creating a shame-free attitude about our sizes and shapes. The company encouraged women to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Emotional and mental health are key components of the bra fit education offered at Braology.

Early in her career Renee worked retail in a lingerie department. Women are always the most critical of themselves and when it comes to buying or wearing lingerie, or even a simple comfortable bra, emotions soar. It was not uncommon to face customers who suffered from body shaming themself, self judgement, fear of showing their body to their spouse and many other confessed feelings. Renee not only sold bras but healed hearts and empowered women to believe in themselves.

This easily and quickly evolved into the coach and author positions that she holds today. Now, Renee is founder of The BLUEprint Method™ and The EEK Approach™ (a SEL cross educational curriculum). She is author of Strength Training Your Mind, Understanding Your Emotional Tools and Dear Self, Grow Up Already! (available for pre-order). She is a certified mental health coach and emotions very own public relations representative. Renee is an international speaker. Her message continues to change lives around the world.

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Grow Up Already!

Facebook group for inspirationAnd self acceptance and growth.


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Your Life BLUEprint

Facebook group for anonymous group coaching to focus on living authentically and improving your relationship with yourself.

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BLUEprint Mastermind

Invitation only group for anyone who has graduated from a program using The BLUEprint Method™.Supports and encourages growth.

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What is The BLUEprint Method™?

The BLUEprint Method™ (Building Life Using Emotions) is essentially giving you the ability to take every negative thing in your life and change the way you look at it or use it so that it works to your advantage instead by incorporating it into a blueprint for your life.The 6 steps of The BLUEprint Method™ walk you step by step how to use these tools properly. In the book, Understanding Your Emotional Tools, we outline the purpose and use of each emotion. You can download your free copy here… 

Understanding the purposes of your emotions is just the beginning. The BLUEprint Method™ will help you to also learn how to use each emotion to build using your rational thinking and create the life you always wanted.

  • Freedom to be yourself unapologetically 
  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Know how to relate with others
  • Stop overthinking, negative thoughts and second guessing
  • Be aware and active participants in your own life.
  • Put YOU in the driver’s seat of your life.
  • Build the life of your dreams, FREE to be authentically YOU!
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Renee’s Books

Strength Training Your Mind:

Reach your greatest potential, in work and in life. This book walks you through six simple steps to reach your optimized mental strength and resilience.

Strength Training Your Mind helps you reach new heights. It teaches you to gain control and shows you that personal strength is contagious. By investing in you, you are also strengthening your many relationships. These tools help you to be a better friend, co-worker, employee, or leader. Learn how to empower yourself in order to strengthen your group. If you find yourself in an emotionally charged working situation, or you want to bring unity to your team or even simply to bring peace to yourself in the midst of the craziness, then Strength Training Your Mind, is your solution!

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Understanding Your Emotional Tools:

Each emotion serves a valuable and unique purpose in your life. This book tells you how to use your emotions to build the life of your dreams.

Highlighting The BLUEprint Method™, this book helps you to look at your emotions as tools that will help you to know what you what every time and construct life so that you always know how to be your happiest self. When you use these tools and partner them with the 6 steps of The BLUEprint Method™  it becomes a blueprint building system that will enable you to live your most authentic and content life every single day. Understanding how to use emotions to your benefit is the first step. Are they serving their purpose in your life?

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Dear Self, Grow Up Already!:

Each emotion serves a valuable and unique purpose in your life. This book tells you how to use your emotions to build the life of your dreams and escape any funks that surface.

The BLUEprint MethodTM (Building Life Using Emotions) is essentially giving you the ability to take every negative thing in your life and change the way you look at it or use it so that it works to your advantage instead by incorporating it into a blueprint for your life.The 6 steps of The BLUEprint Method™ walk you step by step how to use these tools properly. In the book, Understanding Your Emotional Tools, we outline the purpose and use of each emotion. This book walks you though this process step by step to stop the repeat drama and depression in your life and live free to happily be your authentic self every day!

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Confidence BLUEprint

In this 3 hour course you will learn easy to follow steps to becoming the confident person you want to be. What are you missing out on because your level of confidence is not where you want it? How would your life be different if you were confident enough to reach outside of your comfort zones for the best life has to offer and take it? What does that life look like to you? ... In 3 short hours, you can find out! Don't wait for more confidence to come to you naturally while life is passing you by. This is your opportunity to take action and get the answers you need to take control of your confidence once and for all. Sign up today and give your tomorrows their best start.

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Emotional Leadership BLUEprint

Emotionally Engaging Leadership is leadership that leverages and manages the emotions of their team to the most effective benefit of the company's mission. Our company's mission is to share the purpose of emotions and educate everyone on the life changing results this understanding will bring. The mission of this Emotionally Engaging Leadership course is to educate leaders to pursue their mission by navigating people to give their maximum potential in a positive and productive environment. Emotionally Engaged Leaders will understand themselves, their teams and use this info to change and grow the world! How could your team benefit from engaging leadership?

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Anonymous Group Coaching Online

Your Life BLUEprint

Private Facebook group for personal growth coaching done completely anonymously. Submit questions about improving your relationship with yourself, building self confidence, future focused growth or whatever you want to move through and our admin will select one question weekly to discuss in the group. It will be presented as an anonymous case study that everyone can learn from. Questions will also be answered in the group randomly by our certified coaching team. This coaching is far thriftier than therapy or personal coaching. It can be completely anonymous and is highly effective over time as it teaches the principles of The BLUEprint Method™ to build your unique and authentic life.

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Personal Coaching

Your Life BLUEprint Authentic Life BLUEprint personal growth

One to one personal growth coaching. Make the most of this one life that we get and work with Renee Lowry certified coach, to overcome your obstacles, stop the negative thoughts and self doubt, and work to build your most authentic life. The career, the relationships, especially your relationship with yourself… these are all connected and waiting for you to take control of and become your most authentic self. Do not try to reinvent the wheel, we all need another brain to help us work past our challenges. Working with Renee you get direct access to the tools of The BLUEprint Method™. These tools are proven to guide you to your unique perfect life, the life that only you can dream up.  Schedule a call with Renee today and see if you could be a good team?

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Hire Renee

If you're interested in consulting or speaking with Renee Lowry, her fees for events are below:

  • Lunch - (to pick her brain) Starts at $500 and on location in New York City
  • Speaking Engagements - $10,000 speaking fee plus travel and expenses
  • Building Leaders - $15,000 for 1 day training for your team leaders. Train your team leaders to best manage team emotion and inspire maximum productivity and mission driven leadership.
  • Building Teams - $40,000 for 3 day trainings for your team. Grow your team to manage their own emotions and build a resilience to dealing with others emotional issues. Empower to be responsible to their own actions and reactions. Build team morale.
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