Discover The BLUEprint Method™ that was 20 years in the making. Foolproof ways of helping people process and understand their emotions like never before.

Renee uses this tool to help you to build your most authentic life and live it confidently!

Relating, With a Chance of Success!

Full access to a series of self paced courses designed to improve all of your relating skills. Delivered weekly right to your email inbox.

Earn a License to Communicate… It Can Make All the Difference!

Ever felt inadequately prepared to be around people? Ever been terrified of being alone with your thoughts? If so, this is the education you never knew you always needed!

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The BLUEprint Courses

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Marriage Rescue

Are you struggling in your relationship, desperately needing some new ideas, tired of the same old story and all of the hurt that comes along with that?  These 14 easy to follow tips will rebuild the intimacy, the understanding, and the resilience in your marriage!

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Say NO Like a Pro

Could you benefit from better time management? Do you want to know how to prioritize what is most important to you without feeling the weight of judgement? Sign up for this quick easy course packed with valuable tools to help you take control of your time and live it intentionally!

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The VIP Relating, With a Chance of Success

This is a year long self-paced course to help you improve your relationship with yourself, your communications with others, relate healthier with your family and more. At the end of this year you will have truly earned your License to Communicate. Includes weekly group coaching calls with Renee!

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The BLUEprint Coaching

One-on-one and personalized coaching to develop your authentic life.

Email [email protected] to schedule your first session free. Get to know Renee and see if you will be a good match for working together to help you get to the place you want to be!


Why wait, what do you have to lose?

What is The BLUEprint Method™? 

The BLUEprint Method™ (Building Life Using Emotions) is essentially giving you the ability to take every negative thing in your life and change the way you look at it or use it so that it works to your advantage instead by incorporating it into a blueprint for your life. 
In the book, Understanding Your Emotional Tools, we outline the purpose and use of each emotion. You can download your free copy here
Understanding the purposes of your emotions is just the beginning. The BLUEprint Method™ will help you to also learn how to use each emotion to build using your rational thinking and create the life you always wanted.
  • Freedom to be yourself unapologetically 
  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Know how to relate with others
  • Stop overthinking, negative thoughts and second guessing
  • Be aware and active participants in your own life.
  • Put YOU in the driver’s seat of your life.
  • Build the life of your dreams, FREE to be authentically YOU!
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Dear Self, Grow Up Already!

This book tells you how to use your emotions  to build the life of your dreams and escape any funks that surface.

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Strength Training Your Mind

This book walks you through six simple steps to reach your optimized mental strength and resilience.

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Discover The Purpose of Emotions

This book tells you how to use your emotions to build the life of your dreams.

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