“If this is something that I cannot change, what can I change to make it benefit me anyhow?”

 - Renee Lowry-

Early Life

Renee Lowry spent her early years with a passion for making the most of every situation. She would say, “If this is something that I cannot change, what can I change to make it benefit me anyhow?” In many ways, this was the beginning of The BLUEprint Method™.

Later, the challenges she faced raising her two daughters continued the lessons and The BLUEprint Method™ was truly born. Additionally, she has been married to her high school sweetheart for the past 20 years and has endured many growing pains in that relationship. Today that relationship is her biggest source of pride, years of hard work paying off! Because of these challenges she learned to understand deeply and separate emotions from the reactions they cause. Eventually a clear process was observed and established.

She began writing, coaching and teaching the value of using emotions to build the life you most desire… your most authentic self.


After several years in the industry, Renee had developed a bra fit education system that helped women to better understand what size they should wear and how, scientifically, they were designed to fit. Around 85% of women do not wear the right size and helping women understand these issues became her mission as she and her partner, Renata Thierer, began the company Braology, The Science Of The Perfect Fit! A large part of their mission involved empowering women and creating a shame-free attitude about our sizes and shapes. The company encouraged women to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Emotional and mental health are key components of the bra fit education offered at Braology.

Early in her career Renee worked retail in a lingerie department. Women are always the most critical of themselves and when it comes to buying or wearing lingerie, or even a simple comfortable bra, emotions soar. It was not uncommon to face customers who suffered from body shaming themself, self judgement, fear of showing their body to their spouse and many other confessed feelings. Renee not only sold bras but healed hearts and empowered women to believe in themselves.

This easily and quickly evolved into the coach and author positions that she holds today. Now, Renee is founder of The BLUEprint Method™ and The EEK Approach™ (a SEL cross educational curriculum). She is author of Strength Training Your Mind, Understanding Your Emotional Tools and Dear Self, Grow Up Already! (available for pre-order). She is a certified mental health coach and emotions very own public relations representative. Renee is an international speaker. Her message continues to change lives around the world.