What To Do When Couples Differ...

As couples, many of our biggest struggles come from areas where we think or value things differently.

When we are first attracted to this person it is often these qualities that we most admire. Why? Because we don't have them ourselves and admire someone who does so easily what comes more difficult to me.

However, living with someone who thinks differently or values differently is another story. Raising children together exasperates this challenge even more.

We get stuck in why don't they think like me instead of thinking, look at all the value and depth in our relationship BECAUSE we value and think so differently in these areas.

Where your husband struggles to discipline toddlers may make him perfect to discipline teens.

Where your wife falls short on her cleaning standards may help her be overly attentive to your other needs and she prioritizes those over a super clean home.

So pick up the slack where it's important for you to pick up the slack, and don't judge them for it not being important to them too.

Encourage them to pick up the slack where it's more important to them and you are dropping their ball.

This way, your relationship is full and rich and you can respect each other for the gifts you each bring to the family.

This will also keep everyone happier and able to focus and give in the areas that mean the most to them alone.

The results are amazing.

Bottom line: Be yourself and appreciate them for who they are too. You won't be disappointed.



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