Are your skills in relating creating your success?

How skilled are you in relating to others? Relationship drama affects every area of our lives at different points. Our skills and coping mechanisms can both help us or make things worse for us. Do you know how to tell the difference? Do you know how to make them all benefit you? More often than not, do you experience the drama in relationships and feel like you have little control?


First, here are some examples of typical relationship issues:


  • When the boss asks you to work Saturday and you really don’t want to work but you feel compelled to say yes.


  • When you are impatiently waiting in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you has a problem with their payment going through.


  • When you leave a conversation and have a knot in your stomach and you cannot stop thinking about what you should have said or beating yourself up for the way that conversation did go.


Every person we come across in our day is an opportunity to relate. Even the thoughts in our own head are sometimes foriegn and we have to work to understand them. This is our relationship with ourselves. How forgiving are you? How easily stressed are you? This is perhaps our most important relationship.


  • When you feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you’re mad, stressed out, frustrated, or you are just feeling terrible for no definable reason. This is a relationship issue too. This is your inner struggle of relating with yourself and needing to understand the inner conflict or mental distress related to your own emotions.


What if I told you that all of your relationship issues are your own fault and this means they are in your power to control?


Most of us were never formally taught relating skills. Most of our education came to us from trial and error. We learned it all the hard way. Since we were simply left to draw our own conclusions and make sense of things the best way we knew to understand them, much of what we learned was a response but possibly not the healthiest response. Now, you also need to unlearn the old way and relearn a healthier way. But how can you learn these skills?


  • How can you learn to manage that conversation with your boss and know you are walking away from it having made the right decision for yourself and not making your boss upset in the process?


  • How can you know how to calm yourself, for your own sake, when in a stressful situation like a long line where there are elements out of your control?


  • How can you learn to manage your thoughts and emotions so that you don’t punish yourself needlessly for the smallest mistakes until you’ve talked them up to seem monumental?


  • How do you learn to deal with a bad day, and not let it affect everything negatively?


These are the kinds of skills that I am super passionate about teaching. Effective relating can mean the difference between living at the mercy of everyone you encounter and feeling judged by them and yourself, sometimes mercilessly, and living in complete confidence that no matter what happens you are perfectly in control of your thoughts and emotions, no one can make you feel any certain way if you don’t allow them to do so.


If you want to grow your relating skills on your own time, I have put together a year long self-paced course to grow your skills in relating. In the first weeks, this will help you to learn how to grow your relationship with yourself, know your own mind, and why you think, feel the way you do. 


You can check it out here:

Relating, With a Chance of Success


The next several weeks in this course discuss tools to sharpen your relating skills with others, friends, co-workers, and strangers. These skills help you to be confident in your relating and more often than not get what you want from these relationships. All this mastered while maintaining your desires not to hurt others you care about as much or more than you care about yourself.


The following several weeks we learn the intricacies of relating inside your family. Family relationships have some of the biggest extremes. The biggest loves can also create the biggest hurt. This course will help you see these relationships for what they are and know your part in them, without feeling the full weight of the drama these situations often create. You will learn to navigate them and protect yourself in these relationships.


The year will end with the most impactful lessons, you will learn the science of relating. It is one thing for you to hear techniques and learn skills but it is another level of understanding entirely if you know why these techniques work the way they do. This helps you to more easily remember why you are relating with these skills and using these techniques. They work, and you can now explain how they work. This helps you organically change to use these new behaviors and it will not any longer be one more thing you have to try to remember to do correctly.


Every week a new lesson will drop into your email inbox. Each lesson has ‘Taking Action’ work for you to start applying the new skill in your life and testing how it works in your relationships. The lessons are quick to read, maybe 2-3 minutes and there are about 3 follow-up questions in the ‘Taking Action’ work for you to think about and work through. This self paced learning is easy to fit into your busy schedule. Like all things, the more effort you put into applying these new skills the faster you will see results in your relationships.


If you want to go a step further, be an action-taker on a mission to get results fast, and have some accountability built in, Then the VIP option is for you.  We will do a group call on zoom once a month where you will be able to ask questions from Renee Lowry personally, and learn from other’s questions as well. It fast tracks and broadens your knowledge and skills, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask specific questions about the relationships most important to you.


Join the VIP Relating, With a Chance of Success:


We hope this all sounds too good to be true. We worked hard to make this process as seamless and easy as possible while getting you major, life altering results fast. Join this year of weekly relating lessons and enjoy better relationships in all your years to come.


Relating, With a Chance of Success



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