How To Discover Who You Are?

Who are you?
Not what do you do. Not what is your name. Not who are you related to... No. Who are YOU?
What makes you happy? What makes you grateful? What makes you angry? What makes you feel overwhelmed?
What makes you want to run away and hide? What makes you...
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The Purpose Of Fear

What are the limits of your comfort zone?
Why are those limits there in your life? What instigated those limits?
How do you feel when your comfort zone is challenged or you are pushed past those limits?
Fear keeps us stuck inside of what we know to be our safe...
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How to Confidently Grow Into Adulthood

Do you ever get frustrated by something outside of your control?
Do you ever get scared because you can't imagine how things will ever be okay again?
Are your feelings sometimes just more than you can handle?
If so, you are not alone. Everyone experiences this at...
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How To Confidently Be Alone With Your Thoughts

Worries: "What if's" that pile up and overwhelm us.
Fears: The worst case scenarios playing on repeat as you live through the outcomes in your mind again and again.
Pain: Haunted by past ghosts, past traumas that keep us stuck and from moving forward confidently.
It is...
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What is the #1 Destroyer of Peace?

What do you fear?

Fear shakes our world and compromises our peace.

A very common fear is the fear of the unknown.

This fear will destroy your peace faster than any other fear.

A few years ago, I had a house fire. We lost nearly everything. Fortunately, myself and my two tiny daughters made it out...

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