How Important is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotions are the driving force in our lives. Do not deny them a place of high regard in yours, it leads to unhappiness EVERY time.
If your Emotions are frustrating or overwhelming to you, then you need to ensure you are pairing them with your rational thinking brain to get their truest benefit for your life.
Have the emotion, allow it to be, it is there for a reason.
Then, ask why it is there? What is it telling you about how to plan your future? What should be your next move considering you experienced this emotional reaction to this situation?
These questions are your rational thinking brain processing the emotion.
Your brain is learning from this emotion that is trying to drive your life to better places for you.
Know your emotion is there for a very real and important reason. Ask and learn about that reason. THEN... apply these lessons to your future choices.
This is true emotional intelligence. This is true freedom for living your life as authentically as possible. This is The BLUEprint Method™, Building Life Using Emotion.
It works every time. Start learning from your emotions today and discover what life wants to offer you!

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