The Purpose Of Fear

What are the limits of your comfort zone?
Why are those limits there in your life? What instigated those limits?
How do you feel when your comfort zone is challenged or you are pushed past those limits?
Fear keeps us stuck inside of what we know to be our safe limits.
Unfortunately, like tape, fear can also stick us with many lasting limiting beliefs.
Because Fear is protecting our own beliefs, if your belief is not one designed to help you survive, then the fear can attach you to that belief in a way that will limit your life.
For example, someone who is afraid of speaking in public could have any number of reasons for that fear. This fear could be so bad that it can even cause a physical reaction like sweating or vomiting.
This fear will limit the jobs you can choose, it limits your confidence in crowds, this fear can limit many areas of life and because of it you will build your life around this fear.
As long as you believe the fear is valid and true then you will be stuck with it and all of the collateral damage it causes.
The best way to get around this fear is to believe a different story instead or believe that something else is more important.
A mother fearing for her baby may run in front of a car to shield her child. She fears for her child more than she fears the oncoming car.
A person afraid of public speaking may yell for help and ask everyone who can hear if their child has gone missing in a crowd.
A greater belief trumps the belief based in fear.
When telling yourself a different story to believe it is good to acknowledge your current fear in your new story.
For example, you might say, "I am afraid to speak in public. However, I can do it. I will need to practice this to become less afraid and the fear will go away. It is best for me to practice this as often as possible to make this fear ease faster because I no longer want to allow it to limit my life. I will no longer give this fear power over me."
This is your new story. Buy into it. Believe it, or tell yourself you believe it even if you do not yet.
Believing this new story, and understanding why it is important to you helps you to change that fear default and stick you to a new one default reaction.
A reaction of your choice, instead of the reaction that was at some point in your past a learned reaction to one or more uncomfortable experiences.
This fear reaction benefitted for you for a time but now you may be ready for a new one, our lives change and grow and our reactions should change and grow as we do.
Be intentional in building your life with limits that you still believe are best for you, reevaluate areas and default reactions that no longer benefit you.
Happy Building, Renee
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