Why Failure Is Something To Strive For

Do you love failure as much as you should?
Failure is how we learn and how we see clearly where to make changes to better benefit us.
Is this how you use failure? Do you fail forward?
Why do you suppose failure got such a stigma for being a bad thing that we want to...
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I Am A Failure

You failed... What do those two words do to you?

Do they break you? Do they cause you to get angry? Sad?

What if I told you they were two of my favorite words?

Would you have to write me off as crazy? Would you want to learn why?

As a society, we have a double standard when it comes to failure.

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Growing Your Money Mindset

Growth is a process. The first step is to admit and ACCEPT where you are at the start.

In what area are you a toddler desperately seeking control and balance?

That is a GREAT place to be. Proudly be a growing toddler and love all the struggles that are working to help you #GrowUpAlready!

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